Dynamic ink

A friend recently game me some Brusho crystal colour. She thought I might like to see how the powder might photograph in water. I have to say, I’ve not had so much fun in a long time! I had a plastic “goldfish bowl” so almost filled it with water and sprinkled some of the powder onto the water surface… not quite knowing what to expect. Let me just say I was more than happy at what I saw… so I sprinkled some more (different colour) onto the water surface. I can’t describe what I saw so here’s just some of the photos (you may have guessed these are inverted!) …

frame 3

frame 16

frame 35

frame 50

frame 93

I took 110 shots while sprinkling the crystals (or powder) into the water in the hope of making a manually timed time lapse. The result can be seen on Vimeo – Dynamic Ink  – my very first “arty” video.

Since taking these shots I have acquired a small, plastic, parallel sided tank. The early test shots are very pleasing 🙂

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